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Dec 17, 2012 8:00am PST
a technical way. san francisco-oakland area, there was a -- gun buy back. several different events. gun buy back events. they were planned before what happened here in newtown. but there were much larger crowds turning out than they had expected. you can see some of the evidence of what had been brought in. people were given $200 to bring in their zbns just hand them over to the authorities. ing the local reports say about 600 guns were turned in over the course of things event. some people saying to the authorities that they just needed to have those guns out of their homes. the president is calling for, quote, meaningful action on guns. many democrats are calling for strict new gun control laws. of course the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. there is some talk that maybe, maybe bringing that back would be a foot. the effect of what you saw in is an plan and oakland was different elsewhere. for instance, like arizona. some of the gun buyers in arizona became very afraid actually that this new national conversation, particularly my -- what happened this beautiful town, could ma
Dec 20, 2012 11:00am PST
such as this health center in oakland which the government said is at the center of the case because they said selling marijuana is illegal. on the case with me today, sunny, we know a judge ruled that the oakland shop could say open because it was not violating state law, but we are talking federal governments. >> that's the real issue. there is a tension that exists when it comes to marijuana. medical marijuana and recreational use of marijuana. that's because under the federal laws, it's illegal to smoke and possess it and sell it. the voters have spoken in colorado and washington saying recreational use of marijuana is okay. in 1996 in california, they okayed the voters did, the use of medical marijuana. you have this tension. earlier this year, president obama speaking to barbara walters indicated a policy change. he said he had bigger fish to fry in terms of resources for law enforcement. we know now given what happened in connecticut in newtown, srnlt administration has other law enforcement concerns that many people would say are more significant than this. the argument is do
Dec 30, 2012 5:00am PST
oakland raider sebastian janikowski. but the so-called polish cannon was accustomed to american football before making the leap to the pros after florida state. rugland, not so much. have you ever kicked with line of angry guys running towards you? >> no. >> you worried about that? >> no, not very. so i'm good. i kicked a lot in soccer when p people try to take me out, so i think i'd do pretty good. >> they're a little bit bigger here, though. >> yeah, but they aren't that close. so i think i will be able to handle it. >> he concedes that he'll need to get his kicks off a bit qu k quicker. >> i'll be back in noshgsz to see if the jets think i'm good enough. i'll do my best. >> cnn, new york. >>> grab a kleenex and say good-bye to thumbing through copies of "newsweek" at your doctor's office. after 80 years they'll be going all digital. the editor in chief said the growing use of tablet computers combined with the weakness in print advertising force the decision. >>> january, the month when millions of americans vow to hit the gym, lose weight aas they begin the new year and the
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
oakland raiders 26-13. that's eight straight wins for the broncos. one sad note. a fan fell from the top deck of the coliseum during that game. he is hospitalized and he is in serious condition. it's a dreadful thing. >> certainly hope he can recover. that's terrible. >>> let's turn and talk about a story we chatted about yesterday. the cover story for "time" magazine. we were talking about it and that was the picture. that's the commissioner talking about some of the ways he was hoping to reform the sport of football so it has less of a toll on the athletes. among the ideas on the table were doing away with kickoffs, which are seen to be one of the most dangerous elements of the game. it's only a suggestion at this point, but people immediately upon reading that started debating the issue. want to get to coy wire, he's a sports analyst and former line backer and he's in atlanta this morning. it's nice to have you with us. we appreciate it it. >> thank you for having me. >> i get this is very preliminary, but if this is something they wanted to do, was seriously on the table, would you s
Dec 2, 2012 1:00am PST
. >> reporter: for now, for this family, that is enough. jason carroll, cnn, oakland, california. >> thanks, jason. soledad o'brien hosts "who is black in america?" that's next sunday here on cnn. >>> earlier in the hour, we talked with a brothel owner. and he just won a political seat in reno, nevada. some see it as an acceptance of prostitution. pat boone is with me. he, i don't believe, sees it that way at all. pat, you're itching to jump in on this. here's your chance. what do you think? >> well, yeah, it was reminding me -- first, the whole idea of legalizing prostitution, women selling themselves and debasing -- being debased the way they a and abused the way they are, trying to legitimize that is ridiculous. but i was on with bill maher on "politically incorrect" some time ago with chris rock. and he made the awe dishes statement saying prostitution is the world's oldest profession. and i said, wait a minute, stop saying that. it is not. he said, what is? i said gardening, going back to the garden of eden. and he says, i set pat boone up. so it was funny. but i have four daughters an
Dec 8, 2012 2:00am PST
an urgency to address one simple test. when a child stands up in oakland, california and a child stands up in a more affluent area and they say those five words, liberty and justice for all, we are still in a country that's working to make that more perfect union that makes those words real. we all should feel like we should be thinking what can i do in my life to best serve that ideal. >> booker for president any time? >> president of the new jersey "star trek" association? >> of the united states of america. >> because i will definitely volunteer to be a trekkie of the united states. look, it is irrational and takes a massive amount of chutzpah for anyone to say when there has been 40 plus human beings in the history of the united states that have been president of the united states. to me that is not even in the realm of consideration right now. my focus right now is trying to continue to fight to do the things that i think benefit my residents. i have 100,000 plus residents that depend upon things like a s.n.a.p. program and these are the kind of things i want to stand up and
Dec 4, 2012 8:00am PST
northeast part of oakland. there's a massive sinkhole there. chad myers is in the cnn weather center watching these storms as they develop. dan, let me start with you. what's the story on the sinkhole? >> reporter: well, as you said, ashleigh, it is a real mess out here. let me show you what's going on. you can see crews here removing some of the debris. this is a massive sinkhole. this is 80 feet long, 15 feet deep, 40 feet wide. let me explain how this happened. there's a creek that runs beneath the concrete, and it got clogged up and it just washed away all the dirt, and with that the road. you got the whole street closed. it's going to be closed for several months. what crews had to do, they actually had to set up a temporary sewer line. you can see it right here because when the street gave way, it actually ruptured the line. this is the temporary line, also a temporary water line. lafayette where we are, it's about 20 miles east of san francisco, and the whole bay area has been impacted by a series of storms. the storm that's coming tonight, this will be the fourth storm in abo
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
oakland in and around this area, lafayette there, this home damage, a number of them, you get near the hillside, that brings down debris and boulders and mud, and that does damage not only to homes but on the other side of roadways, we've got damage from a number of primary and secondary roads in and around this bay area. a tremendous amount of rainfall that has just undermined those structures. so you've got issues with that, as well. of course people driving through these flooded streets. you've got a need for rescues. the fire departments and their swift water rescue teams were out in full force over the weekend rescuing people. this is in cuss cadder ra and a number of other people had to be rescued. napa valley tremendous rainfall there. napa river up and over its floodbanks. the sacramento river also in flood stage. in some cases, almost a foot and a half of rainfall in this five-day period. raining right now in seattle to portland. not raining right now in sacramento and san francisco. but that will likely change as we get through tomorrow, at least tonight into tomorrow. yester
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am PST
: frank somerville is a news anchor in oakland, california. he is used to hearing from the public, but when he posted a picture doing his daughter's hair on facebook, he and his wife, donna, were overwhelmed. >> the facebook page just lit up and kept going, and going. >> i think it hit a racial core, and also hit a father-daughter chord. >> reporter: eight years ago, they adopted callie, it raised questions. >> we thought there is a baby out there that needs a mom and dad. if we all of a sudden back out because we're scared that this happens to be a black baby, what does that say about us? >> reporter: they enjoy watching her play time with her older sister, but know that as she gets older there will be issues. they can experience a lack of cultural identity. >> we dealt with it, my mom always turned everything that was an obstacle into confidence. >> reporter: heading into the issues, he was from ethiopia, adopted by swedish parents. >> don't be afraid of the questions, like race definitely has a place. >> reporter: samuelson feels at home in harlem, where he lives and has a restauran
Dec 4, 2012 11:00am PST
northeast of oakland, where there is this huge, huge sinkhole. i'm guessing you're standing somewhere near it, dan. show me what it is and how they're going to fix it. >> reporter: yeah, hey, brook, we're standing in the middle of this enormous sinkhole in lafayette, california, about 20 miles east of san francisco. you can see some of the crews here clearing away the debris. let me explain to you how this happened. there is actually a creek that runs underneath this, or it did. and it basically got clogged and it tore away all the dirt, all the mud, and with it brought down the street. you can see the entire street basically caved in, no traffic going on either side. this is a major inconvenience for the people who live in this neighborhood. you can see one of the things that crews had to do is they had to set up a temporary sewer line. also a temporary water line. this is one of the lines here, they went to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the people in this neighborhood aren't affected in terms of their basic services. now, this was one of the storms that came by, just a cou
Dec 17, 2012 9:00am PST
. we're tired to going to funerals in chicago. we're tired of going to funerals in oakland. we're tired of seeing young people in caskets and old folks like myself sitting up in the pews. people are tired. and a majority of the nra membership, not the leadership, not the people who jump on television, but even the majority of the nra membership says common sense says you don't need a 100-clip -- these megaclips for people to go hunting. we can do something now. in australia, people keep saying, you can't do anything about this, it will happen anyway. but in australia, when they had a has kerr that was horrible, the government said enough is enough. we're not going to have these military-style weapons. we'll have a buyback. homicides and suicides fell by half in aus trail which is also a democracy. so people are tired. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> let me interrupt if i may. what do you think that the white house, the responsibility of the white house is? because we know after the gabby giffords shooting in 2011, the justice department drew up plans and steps. they wanted to expand backg
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)